Meet the Comesta Reizen team


I started Comesta Reizen together with Ester in 2010. My passion for travelling and tourism started when I was in high school. Nevertheless, it lasted about 15 years before I started working at a company in ‘my’ discipline. From that moment on I was happy and I knew: this is what I am supposed to do. At this company I met Ester and she shared the dream to start an own business. Meanwhile we share an office with our small and close team in Ede.

I live my life to the fullest. Travelling is a big part of my life and especially the mountains feel like home to me. In the summer I go for walks and in the winter you will find me on my ski’s. If you have questions about ski trips, you know where to find me. My recommendation for a city trip would be Madrid, Lisbon or Rome. Real must sees!


Together with Annouk I started Comesta Reizen in 2010. During high school I found it hard to decide which job would be perfect for me. But when I visited an information meeting for a tourism education in Breda, I knew that was what I wanted to do. After graduation I started working at a travel agency, transferred to a tour operator and eventually ended up at the company where I met Annouk. I wanted to start my own business for years. When I met Annouk, this dream came true.

While travelling I feel free and satisfied. I like to become part of another culture and speak a different language. My backpack tour in Vietnam was the greatest trip I have ever made. In Europe I would recommend visiting Valencia: a city with a beach and much smaller than Barcelona, so it’s easy to explore on foot. I personally love South Europe, so I would like to visit Seville some time. Is tomorrow too soon?


After graduating from Tourism Management I started working at Comesta Reizen in August 2016. The Comesta Reizen team is really close and will do anything to make its clients happy. That’s our super power! Due to Annouks en Esters network and experiences we can organize a fully customized trip for every client.

I love to travel. I try to go on two trips every year: one during the summer and a city trip. Last year I went to Greece and visited Athens and two Greek islands. That was a great experience. Going on a holiday means time to relax, but I don’t want to leave without doing some sightseeing. That means I go on an excursion or explore the surroundings myself on a scooter or quad. Together with my colleague Ivanka I went on a study trip to Budapest. The city really surprised me – in a good way – so I would definitely recommend going there!


In July 2016 I graduated from the NHTV in Breda. I started working at Comesta Reizen in March 2017. I always wanted to work for an agency that organizes group travels and at Comesta Reizen I can do this every day. Because of our small team, we know all our clients by name and we are always doing the best we can to arrange the best trip possible.

My passion for travelling continues to grow now I’m dealing with it every day. My greatest trip so far was a road trip through America, where I visited many cities and national parks. Camping is not really my thing; I would more likely go on a city trip. I especially like to visit cities in South Europe, such as Porto, Lisbon and Valencia. All three are great destinations for a city trip! Seville, Malaga and Madrid are still on my wish list. Europe has great cities to offer, so I won’t run out of destinations soon.